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1. This is our quick release form to handle your product release/distribution requests. 2. For clients who do not have an distribution agreement with us: When releasing a song, you will still be subject to our terms, conditions, and distribution policies. 3. For clients who have signed a distribution agreement (which is still valid): When releasing a song, the contact Email you provide above must match the Email address in the signed contract between you and us to make sure it’s you and no one else can do the release on your behalf.


1. All information you fill in this form is confidential. Only you and we have access to these content.

2. We will not share any of your information with other 3rd parties.


1. The cooperation/distribution with us is completely free, you are only charged when using our advanced features.

2. For clients who do not have a distribution agreement with us, your revenue will be retained by default 40% and 50% of DRM revenue.

3. If the client’s total revenue in 1 month has an income of more than 20$ (USD), we will process your payment using the method you have chosen.

4. Each client is only allowed to use 1 single payment method for all releases. We are not responsible for clients providing incorrect payment information.

5. We accept the following payment methods: Bank Transfer (Vietnam only) and Paypal (International)


1. If customers want to release Albums, EPs, please contact us via Fanpage or Email (krazemusicvn@gmail.com) for further assistance.


1. Make sure you have full rights before submitting any content to us.

2. We need special rights from you to be able to use such information/data.

3. You will be solely responsible if the content you distribute to us violates these terms/conditions or we receive copyright claims from third parties.


1. For clients who do not have a distribution agreement with us, by releasing a product through this form, you agree that we will have exclusive worldwide ownership of the content. Copyright, proprietary rights, and other legal policies will be apply immediately. [Please remember, we only have exclusive rights to the content you submit to us and you can fully cooperate with other distributors to release your products in the future]

2. For clients who have a valid distribution agreement with us: According to the exclusive policy in the contract, you are not allowed to distribute or sign any contract with the Label or any other distributor while the agreement between you and us is still valid. If we detect a violation, you may be subject to cancellation penalties, as well as other legal consequences.


1. This is an agreement between you and ADED Music Group LLC. Your access to and use of this form constitutes your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. We may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. You need to consult the latest updated version of these changes by checking the new posts and announcements on the official Fanpage of Kraze Music Group. Changes or modifications to the Terms and Conditions will be made by our internal experts and teams. When one of the Terms and Conditions is changed/modified, you may need to re-sign a new contract with us if you accept the changes.

Thank you!

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